Residential & Commercial Irrigation Repair

We service the metro Tulsa area and offer diagnostic service calls if you’re unsure why your sprinkler system isn’t working. We cover everything from checking your irrigation valves and timer to re-adjusting all your sprinkler heads/zones while pressure testing for leaks.

At B&D Sprinkler Repair we specialize in sprinkler repair and the upgrade of existing irrigation systems. Our service staff are well experienced and qualified in all fields of irrigation and sprinkler repair to help in your metro Tulsa area home or business.  We are there for all your sprinkler repair needs.

Replacing sprinkler heads
Cleaning clogged sprinkler heads
Finding and repairing leaks
Backflow replacement
Pump & pump start relays replacement
Replacing broken pipes
Replacing valves
Fixing wiring issues
Wire locate
WiFi controllers & set up
Diagnosing controller issues
Replacing system controller

We also take care of low-pressure problems and coverage problems caused by add-on, pools, fences, etc. 

Installation of Sprinkler System

We use top of the line parts and our head placement is always head to head coverage, so coverage is guaranteed.  We set up WiFi controllers on all installs, unless the customer requests not to set it up.

We use Hunter Industries products for new residential and commercial installations because after hundreds of installs and repairs, we have found Hunter Products to be of the highest quality and most reliable.

Call us today to schedule your appointment at 918-752-9638.

Sprinkler Usage Tips

When should I run my sprinklers?

3 days a week will give you the best results. The best times are anywhere between 3AM-7AM or 7PM-10PM

How often should I water my lawn using my sprinkler system?

You will need to run your system for about 15 minutes in total. We highly recommend breaking it up to 3 sessions for 3-5 minutes each, You also need to wait 1-2 hours before going on to the next session. This will prevent fever water runoffs and deeper root growth.

When should I turn my sprinkler system off?

Usually around mid to late October. During the fall, we usually start getting our colder weather. We highly recommend turning off your system, so you do not damage your yard or irrigation system.

Are you looking for a sprinkler repair expert?  To get an estimate call us today at 918-752-9638 to schedule an appointment, so you can watch your lawn transform!

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